Identifying Very High Cost Patients

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- Health systems, payers, and providers are increasingly focused on finding better ways to deliver care for high-cost patientsthose who account for a . the multiple chronic diseases-only group includes millions more people, even the very small percentages of this group that are persistently high cost may .Info graphs were created using SASi Visualytics to il.rate areas with potentially high-cost patients with chronic diseases The primary objective of the research described in this paper is to identify factorsociated with high health care charges is highly concentrated among a small number of patients. Figure 1 . - One way to improve practice efficiency is to identify patients at highest risk for hospitalization, ER visits and high-cost care, and then pour dedicated practice resources into the care of those That meansigning each patient to a "resource use category" labeled low, moderate, high or extremely high..Hosp Top. 2005 Summer;83 3 :17-24. The identification of high-cost patients. Radcliff TA 1 , Cote MJ, Duncan RP. Author information: 1 Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Denver, Colorado, USA. The authors examine whether retrospective claims data are useful to distinguish future high-cost cases among the .

Results. 611,245 beneficiaries were high-cost; these patients were less often white 76.2 versus 80.9 and more often dually-eligible 37.0 versus 18.3 ..Reducing ventilatorociated pneumonia in patients through high standards of oral care: A historical control study.So-.ed "high-cost users" of health care - the 5 of the population who consume nearly two-thirds of health care resources - have become a major policy .Thank you sir for acknowledging that it is indeed time to talk about endometriosis care and more importantly about those whose lives it has affected..

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