Identifying Very High Cost Patients

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Risk-stratified care management is emerging as a way for practices to increase efficiency and lower costs by identifying sicker patients who are high health care utilizers and devoting extra practice resources to their care..Patients consumed more than half of the Medical charges during Year 2012. Therefore, a dic.omous variable was created by stratifying claim lines into one of two categories: the top 10 of the claim lines with the highest charges were designated as high-cost Farley, Harley, Devine, 2006 whereas the rest were designated as low-cost claim .Importance Physicians need information on how to use the first available high-sensitivity troponin hsTnT ay in the United States to identify patients at very low risk for 30-day adverse cardiac events ACE ..2 Need to Define High-Need, High-Cost Patients and Identify Settings and Payers Very heterogeneous group, with different needs and goals -Multiple chronic, physical illnesses -Mental illness with or without substance abuse -Both physical and behavioral/cognitive problems -Frail elderly with functional impairments -Working-age .

  • High Need High Cost Patients Who Are They And How

    The sickests are more likely to be female, white, less educated poorer thans overall Health systems, payers, and providers are increasingly focused on finding better ways to deliver care for high-cost patientsthose who account for a high proportion of health care spendingas a .

  • The Use Of Chest Pain Scores And High Sensitivity

    High-sensitivity troponinays have the potential to offer clinicians across the United States novel diagnostics strategies in theessment of patients with chest pain and should be widely available subject to FDA approval..

  • Its Time We Talk About Endometriosis Acogpresident

    About Tom Gellhaus, MD Tom Gellhaus, MD is ACOG President through 2017. He is a Clinicalociate Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City, Iowa. Dr. Gellhaus graduated from Yankton High School in Yankton, South Dakota, received his Bachelor of Arts Degree .

  • 2017 Taiwan Lipid Guidelines For High Risk Patients

    The guideline recommendations were generated after reviewing international randomized clinical trials that are relevant to the above-mentioned high-risk patient groups..

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