Identifying Vaginal Discharge Microscopic Smears

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Endocervical and ectocervical Pap smears should be obtained as described in Chapter 179. Cultures should never subs.ute for a careful history, physical examination, and microscopic examination of the wet prep. Depending on the results of a .l culture without microscopic examination of the secretions will result in .For various reasons, specialist knowledge of how to prepare andess wet mount slides for microscopic investigation of .l discharge is the exception rather However, an absence of Lactobacillus does not inevitably result in illness; molecular biological investigations have identified other bacteria which produce ..l Environment. The is a dynamic ecosystem that contains approximately 109 bacterial colony-forming units. Normal .l discharge is clear to white, odorless, and of high viscosity. Normal bacterial flora is Identify common methods used in the diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis. List CDC-recommended .This property makes it particularly useful in identifying candida in .l discharge. The KOH dissolves everything except the candida. Obtain a Specimen Use a spatula or cotton-tipped applicator to obtain a sample of the discharge. You can usually find abundant discharge on the inside curve of the speculum after you .

The aim of this study is to determine the sensitivity, specificity and the predictive value of the BV Blue Test Kit in the diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis and to .Clinical and laboratory findings in women with bacterial vaginosis and tric.niasis versus controls.Slight .l bleeding is often experienced by some women and this may take the form of spotting or a faint pink discharge in the first four to six weeks following a .Vaginitis is defined as a spectrum of conditions that cause .l and sometimesr symptoms, such as itching, burning, irritation, odor, and .l discharge..

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