Identifying Unmarked Leads In A 2 Speed Motor

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Test run theembled motor with each set of 3 leads, and use a tachometer to determine the rpm. If both operate at the same s.d, the connection must be Of the various possibilities of "6 unmarked leads", the 2-s.d 1-wind- ing is the most challenging to identify. 2-s.d 1-winding. The 2-s.d winding with a 2:1..Prof. Steve shows how to identify unmarked 9 lead WYE connection on a motor. --WYE CONNECTION .Prof. Steve discusses how to identify unmarked 9 lead Delta connection on a motor. DELTA CONNECTION We .I once had to identify unmarked leads on a 9-lead motor, but need help in finding same procedure for a 6-lead motor. using a 12-volt DC power source and . In case you are not up to s.d with 3 phase motors just like the OP!! , maybe you too should be employing a professional to write your posts too!!.

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