Identifying Undercover Cops

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The lives of Michael Lockhart and Det. Joe Murray collided in Philadelphia murder. In Part 1, we examine how two sons couldn't escape their fathers' footsteps. - .Cops don't like cops shoving guns in their faces, either. What wased-off last week as a "Keystone Cops" fist fight nearly resulted in a blue-on-blue shooting,ing into question the Detroit Police Department's use of force, training and treatment of its citizens under the cover of darkness .Rhonda M Says: January 25, :17 pm. Interesting article. I became familiar with CF from "Gangland Undercover GU ." My father was a member of the Outlaw Biker gang up until his, and imo, GU is more palatable than SOA which was full of all kinds of and other BSnothing against thes, just being real ..Surely criminals aren't as dimwitted as Hollywood makes them out to be, right?.

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