Identifying Types Of Reading Text

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Types of TEXTS. A text is a piece of writing that you read or create. The type or the characteristics of a text are very important for any work of summarisation on it. It is easier to An expository text is intended to identify and characterise experiences, facts, situations, and actions in either abstract or real elements. Expository .BBC Skillswise Home Reading Writing Spelling Word grammar Sentence grammar Speaking listening ? Help English sounds Letters words Text types Dictionaries Skimming Fact or opinion Understanding Pleasure. TTips for tutors; View answersheet .An instructive piece of text is normally written as though the reader is being spoken to. A True. B False. 9. The following p.age is an example of instructive text: true or false? A True. B False. 10. What type of text is used for the following travel directions? A persuasive text. B informative text. C instructive text..Expository texts identify and characterize phenomena. They include text forms such as definitions, explications, summaries and many types of essay. 10. Expository texts. may be subjective essay or objective summary, explication, definition . may beytical starting from a concept and then characterizing its .

Lesson helping students identify different reading types and remind them of different reading skills that they already possess in their native language..Types of text Identifying different types of text . Exercise in identifying different types of text..Chosen to provide the types of reading and skills that the identifying words that Students bring different knowledge of text types from their .T h e r e are six distinctly diff e r ent types of texts that can be used for reading instruction: word l e s s books; predictable texts; controlled high-fre q u e n c y vocabulary texts; decodable texts; authentic litera-t u r e; and created, easy-to-read texts. Presented in Table 1 is a brief description with major uses for each type of text..

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