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P.o by: Image courtesy of Carmel Valley Ranch. Image courtesy of Carmel Valley Ranch. Lavender brightens the rolling hills at California 's Carmel Valley Ranch. You 'll find a wide variety of lavenders to grow. Feed your p.ion for fragrance by planting different types of lavender. Few herbs match this group for producing .As fragrant as it its colorful, lavender is a wonderful addition to any garden or container. Use this guide to choose the best type for your conditions..Extremely popular, Lavender Lavandula includes many different species about 39 , which are cultivated in temperate climates either as ornamental plants for the landscape or for the extraction of essential oils. Sun lover, this perennial or herb thr..

Identify English lavender L. angustifolia by its sweeter fragrance with less of a camphor odor. You can also identify English lavender by its bloom period, which begins in early summer. Spot spike lavender L. latifolia by its superficial resemblance to English lavender, but with a more camphorous fragrance..How to Identify Lavender Bushes. although some varieties exist in only two or three zones. 1. P.o Credits..Species of Lavender commonly grown for that particular country or region and none are actual varieties of Lavender but types of Free Lavender Pictures; Site .Then there are the lovelya type Lavenders. Just look at the pictures of Lavender plants in our gallery to see the differences in shape and form. Variety in Fragrance The aroma is not the same among the different plants. You have the sweet true scent of the edible culinary Lavender varieties also known as the angustifolias English varieties ..

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