Identifying The Stages Of Anger

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Helping Children Deal With Their Anger. Printer friendly version. Anger is like the mercury in a thermometer. When left unchecked the intensity of the emotion increases from frustration to anger and then to other things like rage and bitterness.. Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Department of Health and Ageing 2010 Most children have trouble managing their feelings and behaviour at times .In 1969, Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kbler-Ross introduced a five-stage model of grieving in her book On and Dying.Dr. Kbler-Rosserted that the terminally ill, as well as survivors of the of a loved one, cycle through a series of emotions until they reach final resolution of the loss..This is an extremely accessible and book that is very practice-oriented and geared directly towards working with adolescents. It shows a wide range of applications for the method, with excellent strategies and phrases to employ..

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