Identifying The Dead

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The first step in any investigation involving a . is to determine the iden.y of the deceased. This free online course will take you on a journey through the world of forensic anthropology, unveiling the tools that will allow you to reveal that iden.y..This introduces you to the role of a forensic anthropologist. As you can see, the role is very varied but fundamentally requires a comprehensive knowledge of the human skeleton. Remember the images of the real cases? What did you think they were? The next activity is going to teach you about the main bones in the .Find out how you can win a signed copy of Val McDermid 's bestseller 'Splinter the Silence ' on the University of Dundee 's Identifying The Dead course..Uncover a grave, examine remains and reveal the victim 's iden.y in this free online course, linked to a new Val McDermid story..

The Gwinnett County police department is asking for the public's help in identifying a woman found dead inside of a mall..The thought of so many human beings being burned alive in Grenfell Tower rightly fills us with horror. However, this is also one of those events that reveals the .HARTSVILLE, SC WBTW - One person is dead after a motorcycle crash Monday morning. It happened right before 6 a.m. when the .The Mediterranean Missing project was a one year research project running from September 2015 until October 2016, funded by the .

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