Identifying Taxes When Calculating Payroll

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Multiply the total payroll figure by 0.0145 to identify the liability for Medicare ta The tax percentage may change from year to year, so check the IRS tax percentages to verify your liability each year. 4. Make your quarterly payroll tax payments to the IRS.. - Payroll Ta. are those ta. you withhold from employees for income tax and FICA ta. Social Security/Medicare and pay as an employer. You must collect these ta., pay the ta. to the IRS, report on ta. paid, and file payroll tax reports. You must also make payments for unemployment ta. and .

Solving your payroll and HR issues with insights, answers, and action..Whether you are in your first role as Payroll Manager or a seasoned Payroll Manager in a new role, then this list should be your starting point for your action plan .As a Payroll Manager, you are responsible for managing what is the greatest cost of most organisations and with that comes the continued attention of Finance, C-Level .Launch of South Africa's first Payroll Standard By Marius Meyer and James McKerrell .

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