Identifying Tartans

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Colour Codes. A, Azure. B, Blue, purple, navy, azure. G, Green, olive, lime, bottle. K, Black. N, Neutral Gray. O, Orange. R, Red, pink, wine, marroon, scarlet. T, Tan, Brown, Camel, Fawn. W, White. Y, Yellow. MacInnes. Starting with the Blue on the left: Example: Enter your sequence here: Advanced Options Click any of the .To generate a tartan: Enter the tartan name or unique tartan number in the 'Tartan Name ' box, alternatively select from the Tartan Index given below the Tartan Finder. Select the 'Colour Option ' from the drop down menu. Click on the "View Tartan" button to display the selected tartan. Find a tartan by its colours..Tartans. Abercrombie Ancient Tartan, History and Products. Abercrombie Ancient Tartan. Abercrombie Modern Tartan, History and Products. Abercrombie Modern Tartan. Aberdeen Tartan, History and Products. Aberdeen Tartan. Agnew Ancient Tartan, History and Products. Agnew Ancient Tartan. Ailsa Gold BCH050 .Tartan Pattern Book. Tartans A - Z. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR STUVWX Y Z. Abercrombie Modern. Aberdeen District. Adam Clan. Agnew Ancient. Agnew Modern. Ainslie. Aiton. Alexander. Allison. Anderson Ancient. Anderson Modern. Anderson of Angus Modern. Angus Ancient. Arbuthnot Modern. Armstrong .

Tartan Scottish Gaelic: breacan [bxkn] is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Tartans originated in .Find your tartan with our helpful tartan finder, including Irish Tartans, Scottish Tartans, Welsh Tartans, and our stock of Homespun Tartans.Much of today's heritage tourism product depends on the staging or re-creation of ethnic or cultural traditions. This studyyzes the role of perceived .Welcome to The Scotland Yard Store, Ltd . The Kilt Rental Experts. Shelbyville, KY USA. 502-437-5697 .

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