Identifying Tartans

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Search by colour for Scottish Clan Tartans. Reverse Tartan Search. Enter a sequence of coloures using the colour codes on the left .To generate a tartan: Enter the tartan name or unique tartan number in the 'Tartan Name ' box, alternatively select from the Tartan Index given below the Tartan Finder. Select the 'Colour Option ' from the drop down menu. Click on the "View Tartan" button to display the selected tartan. Find a tartan by its colours..This is a list of tartans from around the world. The examples shown below are generally emblematic of a particularociation. However, for each clan or family, .In addition to containing tartan designs registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans since its introduction on , it also incorporates pre-existing .

Tartan Scottish Gaelic: breacan [bxkn] is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours.Tartans originated in woven wool, but now they are made in many other materials. Tartan is particularlyociated with Scotland.Scottish kilts almost always have tartan patterns. Tartan is oftened .What is the Origin of the Word "Clan"? The word "clan" is derived from the Scots Gaelic word "clann" meaning the children, offspring or descendants..Enter the surname that you're for. If it's in the surname database the system will give w.ver tartan or tartans are recommended for that name..Throw out that "Stuart" plaid nonsense. "Clan" tartans are an invention of the 1840's and the tourist industry. Since after the '45, the wearing of Highland dress was prohibited, a "Stuart" tartan would mean nothing..

  • Tartan Finder Identify Tartans Tartan Swatches

    You should see tartan lists displayed in the table below. These lists represent most of the tartans we have available. If you don't see what you are for, please contact us for help finding or identifying your tartan..

  • Scottish Tartan Clan Finder Scotlandshop

    Your tartan and clan history, with tartans directly sourced from 1000s of Scottish mills. All colours and types, including ancient, modern and tweeds..

  • Whats Your Tartan Scottish Tartans Authority

    If it's in the surname database the system will give w.ver tartan or tartans are recommended for that name. If the name starts with Mc or Mac - type in Mac first .

  • The Origins Of Clan Tartans House Of Tartan

    Many of the oldest clan tartans may have originated in the work of local weavers, whose designs became the patterns we now know as District Tartans. For example; The Huntly District Tartan. The Old Lochaber. The Glen Orchy .

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