Identifying Talents

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PURPOSE: To have students identify past accomplishments. To have students identify the skills and talents used to create each past accomplishment. To improve students ' listening and note-taking skills. To have students list possible careers that would utilize their personal skills and talents. To strengthen self-esteem..

Much like many other people, discovering what your talents are can be extremely hard to figure out. Because of that, I sought out expert advice on how to not only identify, but em.ce and hone in .To help identify talent, competency programs need careful definition with a focus on the future. Although this talent management process can be regarded asbersome to administer and support, identifying employee competencies while your startup is still small can be fairly simple..So we asked members of ourr networks heads of executive/leadership development in leading companies to identify line leaders who had a track record and reputation among employees for being great at identifying and developing leadership talent..

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