Identifying Subway Vulnerabilities

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Share Identify Vulnerabilities in Your IT Infrastructure, Policies and Procedures Before the Bad Guys Do on Twitter Share Identify Vulnerabilities in Your IT Infrastructure, Policies and .Discusses the common vulnerabilities of United States U.S. subway systems, which serve large cities and are characterized by high concentrations of people in .Identifying Vulnerabilities and Risks on Your Network A vulnerability is a weak spot in your network that might be exploited by a security threat. Risks are the potential consequences and impacts of unaddressed vulnerabilities..A research on subway physical vulnerability based on network theory and FMECA. Then, a case study is used to demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility of the framework in identifying the vulnerable and critical functional module in subway system andessing severity of its failure modes. In the end, an organizational structure is put .

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    The growing dependence of critical infrastructures and industrial automation on interconnected physical and cyber-based control systems has resulted in a growing and previously unforeseen cyber security threat to supervisory control and data acquisition SCADA and distributed control systems DCSs ..

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