Identifying Strongholds

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- What is a SPIRITUAL stronghold? In a spiritual sense, a stronghold is a fortress in the spiritual dimension of your life from which the enemy Satan and his demons operates, undermining 's good purposes for your life, which then results in unhealthy habits and thought patterns which can be very difficult .A stronghold is basi.y like a pattern that has been burned into our minds that cause us to think or perceive things in a certain way. I have seen conditions taken to deliverance ministers that are clearly demonic, but the minister can only go so far, and seem to hit a roadblock. Why is that? In many situations, it is a stronghold .How do you know you have a spiritual stronghold in your life? Max Lucado writes: "Does one prevailing problem stalk your life? Where does Satan have a hook in you? Some aree to cheat. Others quick to doubt. Maybe you worry. Yes, everyone worries some - but you own the national distributorship of anxiety.. - Intercessory prayer can break demonic strongholds. Here is a list of those to be mindful of when praying..

AUDIO VERSION: YouPodbean How do we defeat demonic strongholds? The apostolic-prophetic intercessors, aka prayer warriors, have .Deliverance teaching on strongholds and legal rights. Two important things to understand when ministering deliverance or seeking personal freedom..The indepth explanation of Strongholds, what are they and how to identify them. How Satan wages war through them..Demolishing Strongholds's Way to Spiritual Freedom. Mike Sue Dowgiewicz [click here for a printable copy] PREFACE. This Demolishing Strongholds .

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