Identifying Stroke

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FAST is an easy way to remember and identify the most common symptoms of a stroke. Recognition of stroke anding 9-1-1 will determine how quickly .Learn the stroke warning signs and symptoms today. Time lost isin lost.. - In general, the best way to tell if someone is having a stroke is to use the acronym FAST, which stands for face drooping, arm weakness, difficulty, and time to 911. If you think someone is having a stroke, ask them to smile, raise an arm, and speak a short sentence..Use FAST to remember and recognize the following signs and symptoms of stroke: F: Face drooping. Ask the person to smile, and see if one side is drooping. A: Arm weakness. Ask the person to raise both arms. S: difficulty. T: Time to 9-1-1!.

A stroke is always a medical emergency. The longer a stroke remains untreated, the greater the chance of stroke relatedin damage. Emergency medical treatment soon after symptoms begin improves the chance of survival and successful rehabilitation weakness, arm weakness and difficulty with are the most common symptoms or signs of stroke.Signs of a heart. Signs can vary and may be different for men and women.If you experience any of these signs, 9-1-1 or your local emergency number immediately..Up to 80 of strokes can be prevented. Learn what you can do to prevent a stroke..Stroke is the third leading cause of for women in comparison, stroke is the fifth leading cause of for men . Each year 55,000 more women have a stroke than men..

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