Identifying Steam

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- Below are two methods for finding a Steam background. The first one is done in a browser, and the second is done within the Steam client. NOTE: If you have a background image URL but just need to find it on the community market, please view the "NOTE" section. Open up your browser.. - Here you will learn three easy methods for finding out the MOD ID for any MOD in the Steam WorkShop. This is handy in case the mod author forgot to include it in the description and you need it quickly. This way you can help yourself and don 't need to ask and wait for an answer. The first method I show .Note that Steam Community items, Steam gifts, and other "Steam" items are owned by the "Steam" app, which has AppID 753. To identify an item, you 'll need the AppID of the game which owns it..This is a good tutorial however with the searches for images/items you can just copy the whole link and with that .

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