Identifying Small Block Chevy

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- Small Block Chevy engine identification. Code identification, Casting Number info..A brief overview of the location of small block Chevy 's ID stamping, as well as links to decode your motors ' history..Use these casting numbers to identify the block you have. Small Block Casting numbers. Casting Number. Years. CID. Comments. 330817. 70-80. 400. Car Truck 2 4-bolt 3-freeze plugs. 355909. 75-79. 262/305. car Truck 2-bolt. 360851. 75-76. 262. 2-bolt. 361979. 76-79. 305. car Truck 2-bolt. 366245. 78-82. 350.. - Find out What you can learn from your Small Block Chevy 's Engine and the partial VIN Codes. Country of origin / manufacturer General Motors / division identification code / restraint system code / series number / body style / engine code / check digit / last digit of model year /embly plant code .

The Chevrolet small-block engine is a series of automobile V8 engines built by the Chevrolet Division of General Motors between using the same basic .Small block Chevy heads have been manufactured since 1955, and have been used in high performance applications as soon as the first one rolled off theembly.I want to build a mild, 350ci small-block Chevy for a '77 Chevy pickup I'll use as a daily driver. The trans will be a TH-350 with a stock torque converter and .Chevy 348-409 Engine Block Guide - Includes Restoration, Performance Upgrades, Durability Modifications. From Stock to Modified..

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