Identifying Silver Spoons

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1-800-637-4583. Sterling Silver Trademark Identifier. To identify your sterling silver piece or pattern please answer the following questions: 1. Does the piece have the word STERLING on the back of the handle or another mark signifying sterling ?. If the answer is YES proceed to question 2. If your answer is NO you may .How to identify solid silver items and make some extra cash. Tom The English Picker. Loading. Did you know . - Spoons and forks are considered flatware. Pick up the item and search for a mark or small engraved picture. Look at the mark closely using a magnifying glor a jeweler 's loupe. Check for the mark of a lion to the left. Consult the website or a guide to American silver flatware..Home Marks Identification Help Silver Identification Guide The marks on the bottom of a piece of silver can be an indication of the age, maker, and origin of the piece. A single mark This listing should make it easier to identify Grandma 's spoon or a dish in an antiques shop, but remember a mark can easily be copied..

Spoon Collector Guide - A Resource for Antique Collectible Spoons..English Silver Makers Marks A p.ographic collection of identified common Marks published toist our readers. Click the link .How to identify marks on pewter. British and Irish pewter is often unmarked. If marks are present, they can help in identifying when and where the item was made or used..With its gorgeous sheen and spectacular workmanship, antique silver makes a fun and valuable collecting focus. There is a huge variety of silver pieces, from plated .

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