Identifying Sea Creatures

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There are many species and sub-species of sea fish in UK waters, and one of the most exciting aspects of sea fishing is never quite knowing what will be caught..The Chesapeake Bay is the largest most productive estuary in the United States providing habitat for some 2,700 species of plants and animals. Water quality of the Bay is important in maintaining this high level of biodiversity - the variety of species located within an ecosystem..Scientists have a new way of tracking hundreds of new species..Crinoids feed by filtering small particles of food from the sea water with their feather-like arms. The feet are covered with a sticky mucus that traps any food that floats past..

  • Species Identification Official Site

    Marine Species Identification Portal: information on thousands of different species in the world's oceans and seas..

  • Marine Life Identification Fish Sea Creatures Coral

    Today's P.o count: 14,062 , including 422 named and some un-named species. This marine life identification site of fish, corals, crustaceans, mollusks and other marine life found in the waters of St. John, USVI..

  • Scientists Identify Mysterious Sea Creature That Washed

    A m.ive sea creature that washed up on a beach in Indonesia last week isn't an unknown species from the depths of the ocean, but likely a whale, according to researchers..

  • See It Experts Identify M Ive Sea Creature That

    A m.ive sea creature washed up on an island in Indonesia last week, scaring and baffling onlookers at the same time. The 49-foot beast was discovered on Seram Island in the Maluku province on May 9, according to the Jakarta Globe. A fisherman initially believed the creature was an abandoned boat, the newspaper reported..

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