Identifying Scholary Medical Sites

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3 days ago - How much do we know about online resources for complementary health approaches? The number of Web and social media sites, along with mobile apps, offering health information about complementary and integrative health approaches oftened complementary and alternative medicine grows .Sourcing for all other types of content - including non-medical information in medicine-articles - is covered by the general guideline on identifying reliable sources . high quality systematic reviews is generally acceptable- if it is done to improve coverage of a topic, and not with the sole purpose of driving traffic to your site..Start with the Johns Hopkins Medicine Health Li.ry or Evaluate commercial "dot com" sites carefully for bias and conflict of interest. Check to see if the information is current less than three years old . Look for the credentials of the author i.e. doctor, nurse, psychologist to make sure the information is .Most publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals, so readers must pay to access them. Permission to use the article in anyway must be obtained from the publisher and usually involves an additional fee. Even though access to the journals at the School of Medicine appears to be free from the li.ry website, the .

About ICMJE. The ICMJE is a small group of general medical journal editors and representatives of selected related organizations working together to improve the .The biomedical research ecosystemacademic, federal, and industrialis dedicated to understanding human disease causality and developing effective the.ut.The biomedical research community has identified several approaches to address concerns regarding the lack of reproducibility in research. These include: improv.CRANRBingGoogle .

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