Identifying Sapphires

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Jump to Determining a Sapphire 's Quality - Steps. Look for flaws and inclusions. Use a jeweler 's magnifying gl., at least 10x magnification, to inspect the sapphire closely. Perform the breath test. Take your sapphire and breathe on it to fog it up. Get your sapphire certified. Gemologists can examine a sapphire and determine what kind of gem it is..Ruby and Sapphire - Identifying Origin. "Pigeon 's Blood Red Burmese Ruby." From the "Valley of Rubies" in Mogok, Mynamar. Ruby is defined as red corundum. "Sapphire." "Ruby Heart." This "weird" gemstone was collected in Gamesh Himal, Nepal, in 1984. Star sapphires are highly prized. You can see inclusions of crystal .For example, green Sapphire wased "Oriental Emerald". The practice of applying the name of a different gemstone to identify the sapphire was misleading, .

Some natural as well as synthetic gems have specific, characteristic inclusions. These minerals, fractures, and other features inside gemstones can help gemologists confirm their species. Learn the identifying inclusions of some of the most popular gems..Gemological Information. Blue topaz before heat treatment, and after heat treatment set in jewelry. Special Identifying Properties and Tests: There are a number of ways to identify heat treatment in sapphires.One is the easy way to find the halo effect around included crystals..Sapphire is a gem quality variety of the mineral corundum. It is the second hardest substance on earth after diamond, rating 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Corundum itself is not a very rare mineral, but gem quality corundum is extremely rare..Gemstones: Understanding, Identifying, Buying [Keith Wallis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. -A new, updated edition of this bestselling guide to understanding, identifying and buying gemstones -Includes many new images.

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