Identifying Redblackwhite Wires From Wall To Connect Hunter Ceiling Fan

The Bare Copper wire from the junction box connects to the Green wires on the Ceiling Fan. NOTE: Because your junction box wiring has a separate Black and Red wire, this normally indicates that there are two separate wall switches, one for the Fan Motor Black and one switch for the Ceiling Fan Light Fixture Red ..Full Color Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram Shows the Wiring Connections to the Fan and the Wall Switches. Hunter Ceiling Fan Installation Manual. Here is the De.ed In the switch box I have white/white, black switch to black, red switch to black fan, yellow switch to red fan and all three greens together. In the fan .The Ceiling Electrical Box Wiring has a red, white, black and ground wire coming out of the ceiling. The Ceiling Fan has a green ground , black/white, black and white wire is coming from the fanembly. The blue wire is for the light fixture of the ceiling fan which connects to the red wire from a second wall switch.. - Then, detach the ceiling mount by removing thes located in the ceiling. Locate the black wire, which is the main wire that supplies electricity to the fan itself. This wire starts at the main power box, runs to to the wall switch, and then connects to the ceiling fan. Look for a wire that is either blue or red..

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