Identifying Real Vs Lab Sapphires

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Steps. Look for flaws and inclusions. Use a jeweler 's magnifying gl., at least 10x magnification, to inspect the sapphire closely. Perform the breath test. Take your sapphire and breathe on it to fog it up. Get your sapphire certified. Gemologists can examine a sapphire and determine what kind of gem it is..

Sapphires are impressively beautiful gems and knowing how to identify a real stone is crucial for anyone to buy one. Be a knowledgeable consumer: learn the characteristics of a genuine sapphire.. How to Determine if a Sapphire is Real. Three Methods: for Signs of a Real Sapphire Spotting a Fake Sapphire Determining a Sapphire's Quality Community Q A Sapphires are typi.y thought of as blue but can also be red, yellow, orange, green or other colors in between..The more expensive and hard-to-find natural gems in jewelry, such as diamond white and fancy color , sapphire blue and other colors , emerald, ruby and opal, are favorite lab-created stones. They're not gem imitations; lab-created gemstones are the real deal..Lab-created sapphires are made using corundum, just as the natural gemstone is. However, they are created in a laboratory and grown under carefully controlled conditions, simulating the high pressure and heat of the earth to replicate a natural sapphire..

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    The GIA type Color Scale: The 3 charts below are based on the GIA Gemological Ins.ute of America "Color Stone Grading System", where the Color with it's various Hues, the Tone, and the Saturation of color in a particular gem is listed..

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