Identifying Real Jewelry From Fake

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- For precious metals such as silver and gold, the most obvious thing to be aware of are any markings on the metal to identify them as real and not fake. Jewelers from the United States will include the markings, but some other countries may not. Silver metals will be marked with the word "sterling, an S, SS, . - How to Tell Fake or Costume Jewelry From the Real Thing. Vintage or handmade costume jewelry pieces are not worthless, but when you want precious metals and stones, you don 't want to be duped into thinking you have the real thing. You definitely don 't want to pay real jewelry prices for fakes, either.. - 12 top tips on how to spot a fake jewellery item. Gone are the days of the man on the street corner selling watches from inside his coat, a glittering neck chain with a promise of 24ct gold, "genuine mate, you wont find it cheaper", I 've seen my fair share believe me. From the aforementioned shady fella pulling .

The Natural Amber Blog. Information about Baltic Amber and its Jewelry. Menu and widgets.Identifying Costume Jewelry success tips for the costume jewelry new kids on the block . Purchase a copy of Identifying Common Materials in Antiques: A Pocket Guide * * * * * It goes without saying that diamonds are . Although some eagle-eyed collectors may notice that there are lower-priced Zuni necklaces on sale elsewhere, they need to be extra observant or .

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