Identifying Ram Types

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This article explains how to correctly identify your installed computer memory, or RAM, specifications..

There are many different types of RAM which have appeared over the years and it is often difficult knowing the difference between them both performance wise and visually identifying them. This article tells a little about each RAM type, what it .I just wanted to know the general way of identifying the ddr, ddr2 and ddr3 memory types. I have to show which are what to others so can't be using cpu-z program. I have to show them externally and there are no label on any of the memory..CPU-Z is a small utility which, among other useful system information, provides information on the s.d, capacity, and type of each memory module in each available slot, including if the slot is empty..This article offers a quick overview of many common RAM chips and some tips on how to identify them. SIMM chips Single in-line memory modules SI. come in .

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