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Browse through the list of Ragas available in Raga Surabhi - Raga identification made Easy! Raga Surabhi is a carnatic music website where you can learn, . - To sum it all up, listen, listen and listen as much as you can without forcing yourself to do it! . Correlating songs is the key. The 'Eureka! ' moment involved in identifying a raga can be quite rewarding and will set you sailing on a wonderful journey to appreciate Music at a deeper level..Abstract: In this work, we propose a method to identify the ragas of an Indian Carnatic music signal. This has several interesting applications in digital music . - If you listen too much film music, then there is a really good and easy way to try and learn ragas. Listen to a song and get someone to identify the raga initially for you. Learn this raga, by listening to the song and try humming along with it..

Raga can be defined as a combination of few musical notes and is the most fundamental concept in Carnatic music. All compositions and artiste's improvisations that we hear in concert platforms are all raga based. It is always a thrill for a true carnatic rasika to be able to identify and appreciate the ragas being rendered in any concert..These ragas are difficult for beginners to identify without lots of practice, but most of the common ones are quite identifiable with a bit of practice. So turn on your walkman! The other thing to do is .A few people asked me to give them the fu in identify ragas and I thought this is reason enough to write this 'mini howto'! This write-up is not aimed at the Music Student. Music students have a natural course and more 'systematic' way of gaining the ability to start identifying ragas..You can only identify ragas that you have already learnt. I learnt to identify a particular raga after listening to a lot of different compositions in that rag and then trying to identify common traits between compositions of a particular raga..

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    Raga Bhairavi - From Raga Surabhi - Raga identification made Easy! Raga Surabhi is a carnatic music website where you can learn, appreciate and explore carnatic music in a fun way..

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