Identifying Quilt Patterns

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Browse by Category: Patterns Tens of thousands of different pattern names appear in the Quilt Index! We've pulled out more than 200 of the most common ones and their variations in the browsing links below..I recently purchased a group of 50 antique quilt blocks from eBay. I can't seem to stop . It's always fun to identify the patterns. The best resource for identification is the of Pieced Quilt Patterns by Barbarackman.. The cross fertilization of needlework patterns across all cultures has interested me since I lived overseas as a-ager. I began studying quilt history as a vehicle of community and family history in the 1980s after I inherited a family quilt.. If you are a beginning quilter, or simply want to make a quilt with a limited amount of time, you may want to find an easy quilt pattern. If you want to make a quick quilt for an upcoming holiday or birth of a new baby, or simply want to make something easy for a child or a picnic, there are many .

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