Identifying Pyrex

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Welcome to the Pyrex Love Pattern Reference. You are currently viewing ALL Pyrex patterns. If this is your first time here, please read the sidebar at right for tips on notation we 've used throughout these guides. PROMOTIONAL patterns are marked with a "#". "UNKNOWN" patterns have been named but marked with a "*"..Image size. filter patterns by tag. color, theme, etc. Amoeba. Tags: amoeba, flowers, brown and white flowers, brown Amoeba Pyrex Primary Colors Yellow . . Tags: primary colors, yellow, yellow on white Primary Colors Green . . Tags: primary colors, green Primary Colors Red . .. promotional items were typi.y offered for a year or more. Unofficial" pattern names i.e., nicknames used to help identify a pattern are marked with an asterisk * to differentiate them from known pattern names. These patterns and more are covered in PYREX P.ion: The Comprehensive Guide to Decorated Vintage .The different backstamp styles, consistent with the era of manufacture, serve to identify from which timeframe an individual example was made. Lids original to each would also be period correct. The shade of blue on the 1-1/2 pint #401 bowl included in the 1968 revised color combo #400 set is different from that of any .

The Pyrex Collector: Information for the Vintage Pyrex GlKitchenware Enthusiast. Vintage kitchenware advertising.. Purchase a copy of Identifying Common Materials in Antiques * * * * * Glis labeled and catalogued in different ways, including by its formula or .4 posts published by David Cycleback during May 2013 Purchase a copy of Identifying Common Materials in Antiques: A Pocket Guide.Introduction. Nowadays, identifying the flow regimes and precise predicting the void fraction through a multi-phase flow measurement is an important problem in .

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