Identifying Puffball Mushrooms

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The Giant Puffball Langermannia gigantea; see p.os above is one of North America 's best-known edible wild mushrooms, particularly among farmers and other country folk. But there are several good puffball species; read on! Some find the flavor of puff. bland to mild, while plenty of others myself included consider .

You can do more with giant puffball mushrooms than just kick them! Find out other uses for these m.ive fungi here .Identifying Wild Mushrooms! Learn how to identify edible mushrooms, benefits of befriending wild mushrooms, get resources for edible mushroom identification, and more!.Descriptions and de.s about Indiana Mushrooms to aid in identification. P.ographs showing mushrooms and other fungi found in the State of Indiana..Spores: brown - see my Spore Print Gallery. Season: late summer to late autumn. Similar Species: Field Mushrooms, The Prince, Macro Mushroom, the Yellow Stainer .

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