Identifying Prs Guitar

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EG Models. The year of manufacture is determined the same way for the EG models. Like the CE models the serial number is located on the neck plate on the back of the guitar. The following number determines the model: 5 or EG for the EG models, then the sequential number for that particular model.. - Hey guys! I 'm interested in buying a second hand PRS CE24 but I have trouble identifying the serial number. The pictures of the guitar look good, .Year Identification / Serial Numbers Excerpt from The PRS Guitars Book, written by Dave Burrluck Serial Number Year-Code Prefix. All guitars and have serial numbers which start with a year prefix. The prefix is the last one or two digits of the production year, and it applies to all models below. You can also look up . - Paul Reed Smith began making top-of-the-line guitars in Maryland in 1985. At the time of publication, the guitars are being made in the United States and South Korea. To properly identify a model, locate the model number and determine which country the guitar was made in. The information for making this .

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