Identifying Processor

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The CPUID opcode is a processor supplementary instruction its name derived from CPU IDentification for the x86 architecture allowing software to discover de.s of the processor. It was introduced by Intel in 1993 when it introduced the Pentium and SL-enhanced 486 processors By using the CPUID opcode, software can determine processor type and the presence of features like MMX/SSE ..THIS ARTICLE29 WORKING PARTY HAS MOVED! The Article29 Working Party related content has been moved to the NEW Article29 WP Newsroom. Updates are now posted in the Article29 Newsroom.Please update your bookmarks and use this link from now on..*.le* - European Commission. Data protection. The Article 29 Data Protection Working Party is composed of .A Processor Value Unit PVU is a unit of measure used to differentiate licensing of software on distributed processor technologies defined by Processor Vendor,nd, Type and Model Number ..

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