Identifying Polygon

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Polygons are cl.ified and described by the number of sides, the kind of angles, and whether any of the sides are the same length or congruent . Many polygons have special names. This figure shows the most common polygons. Notice that we identified a 4-sided polygon as a quadrilateral..

  • Types Of Polygons Based On Number Of Sides Aaa Math

    Return to Top. How many sides or angles are in the polygon?.

  • Polygon Worksheets

    Polygon worksheets contain identifying polygons based on sides, basic polygon activities and charts, area and perimeter of polygon, identifing interior and .

  • Polygon Worksheets Flat Shapes Superteacherworksheets

    This page contains printable polygon worksheets. Flat shapes plane figures include triangles, quadrilaterals squares, rectangles, rhombuses, parallelograms , pentagons, hexagons, and octagons. Most of the worksheets on this page align with the Common Core Standards. To see CCSS connections .

  • Sizing Up The Area Of A Polygon Dummies

    Not only can polygons be cl.ified by the number of sides they have and by their angles, but they can also be grouped according to some of their qualities. Polygons can have three personality characteristics: equilateral, equiangular, and regular. In an equilateral polygon, all sides are equal and there's at least one nonsimilar angle. In [].

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