Identifying Poisonous Snake

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To identify a venomous snake in the U.S., look for varying color patterns, since most solid-colored are harmless. Next, check for a triangular head shape, since non-venomous snakes have rounded heads. If the snake has a rattle on its, it is a venomous rattlesnake!.

Page About How To Tell if a Snake is Venomous / Poisonous. It's impossible to tell for sure if a snake is venomous, or as some people say, poisonous.With the exception of the Coral Snake see pix , all poisonous snakes in the USA are pit vipers. This means the Copperhead, the Cottonmouth, and many species of rattlesnakes. These snakes are really fat, with big, fat heads..Edit Article How to Identify a Venomous Snake. Four Methods: Identifying Poisonous North American Snakes Identifying Poisonous Snakes in the UK Identifying Poisonous Snakes in India Identify the Deadliest Snakes in the World in Australia Community Q A Snakes have captured our imaginationand fearfor as long as .Common Krait. The common krait is otherwise known as the Bungarus caeruleus and is a member of the Bungarus genus in the Elapidae family. The common krait is known for being one of the four most poisonous snakes in India and is native to the Indian sub-continent, particularly in South India and Sri Lanka..

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