Identifying Pocket Waches

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It is a hunting Case pocket watch movement in an open face case. This tells us the case was made by the American Waltham Co. and it is made of 18 carat solid gold. So now in this example, you know you have a Waltham Riverside 18K gold hunting case pocket watch made in 1886..Identifying Pocket Watches and Pocket Watch Case Types. Left: Watch case with crystal; Right: Watch movement with dial and hands. Hunter-cased watch has a metal lid over the dial of the watch which closes to protect the crystal, hands and dial.. - Here are 5 characteristics that can quickly distinguish a quality pocket watch: Jewel Count. Movements with 17 or more jewels contain hole jewels for the entire gear train, giving the movement improved accuracy and longevity.-set Jewels. Micrometer Regulator. Double-Sunk Dial. Adjustments.. - Identifying a vintage pocket watch, with few exceptions, is easy and requires few or no tools. Vintage pocket watches from the late 19th century .

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