Identifying Plant Disease Japanese Holly

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How to Identify Plant Diseases on a Japanese Holly. Examine the leaves of the shrub and look for small, yellow spots that have brown centers and purple borders. Examine the leaves for signs of brown or tan spots, which is an indication that the plant has contracted Anthracnose..Black root rot disease is a fungal infection that affects Japanese holly plants. Caused by the fungal pathogen Thielaviopsis basicola, black root rot is a soilborne .Watch Japanese holly for yellowing of the leaves followed by slow plant growth, early leaf drop and twigback. If you notice these symptoms together, your Japanese holly may have black root rot. Examine the Japanese holly 's feeder roots, which are normally small, soft and white, for signs of black bands or rings.. - Diseases. Damaged Japanese holly Ilex crenata roots infected with black root rot. Division of Plant Industry Archive, Florida Department of .

  • How To Identify Plant Diseases On A Japanese Holly

    The Japanese holly Ilex crenata is a hardy, textured shrub that grows well in most soils, and can thrive in shade to full sun in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6-9..

  • How To Identify Plant Diseases On A Japanese Holly

    How to Identify Plant Diseases on a Japanese Holly by Sarah Mason Japanese holly Ilex crenata is a durable, easy-care evergreen shrub that can find a place in any landscape as a round specimen shrub, hedge or as a ground cover in dwarf varieties..

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    While holly bushes are common additions to the landscape and generally quite hardy, these attractive shrubs occasionally suffer from their share of holly bush diseases, pests and other problems. Common Pests and Diseases Damaging Holly Bushes For the most part hollies are extremely hardy, suffering .

  • How To Identify Types Of Holly Bushes Garden Guides

    Identify holly bushes by at various parts of the plant. Common identification markings can be found in the leaf structure, berries, blossoms, shape and size of the plant. Certain holly bushes also bloom during specific seasons..

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