Identifying Pig Behavior

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Pigs have a well-developed sense of smell and use is made of this in Europe where they locate underground truffles. Hearing is also well developed and localisation of sounds is made by moving the head. Olfactory rather than visual stimuli are used in the identification of conspecifics Houpt, 1998 . Pigs learn quickly to .You need a good understanding of their behavior and habits before getting one. Potbelly pigs are herd animals. They have a strong pecking order. If they are spoiled, they often become territorial, and can be aggressive towards humans who don 't form part of their herd, especially house guests. Pigs have an instinctual urge .As you get to know your pig, you 'll also get to know their normal behavior versus their nervous or scared behavior, etc and this will allow you the ability to identify and intervene as you see fit. Pigs are cl.ic scared animals, they 're prey animals, so they are always ready to run for their lives. Fight or Flight- normal reaction to .So, pigs are likely nearsighted compared to humans. Pigs have approximately 310 vision, and the ability to detect colors. The retina of a pig contains two types of cones which are sensitive to blue and green-yellow light. Thus, the pig is believed to have dichromatic color vision bluish and yellowish and can identify blue .

Discover Tips On Pig Behavior and Avoid the Costly and Deadly Mistakes that Pig Owners aree to!.More about Pigs. The underestimated Pigs can also use odor from urine and the glands to identify other pigs, Feral pigs in Hawai'i: using behavior and .Identifying critical factors influencing the safety and quality related behaviors of pig farmers in China.If you don't already have a pig for a pet, you will have a few things to research and learn. If you already have your pet pig, and don't know what to do with it .

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