Identifying Physician Investigators In Spore

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Prin.l Investigator. The MD Anderson Cancer Center Prostate Cancer SPORE Prostate Cancer SPORE has created a stable and dynamic infrastructure for We will achieve these translational research goals by identifying and testing novel predictive and prognostic biomarkers to determine the need for therapy in . - Physician-researchers can act as 'doublets ' who can enrich the quality of both services and research stu.s. Ellis et al20 examined the barriers to parti.tion in clinical trials for earlyt cancer among Australian cancer specialists and identified lack of resources . Ann Acad Med Singapore.. - Helps physicians identify treatments under study and for future research. Keeps track of new advanced therapies, its goals and outcomes for different conditions to better advise patients. Generate new ideas for investigations or look for data trends by accessing all the trials conducted on a drug or therapy..The over arching goal of the SPORE is to rapidly translate laboratory discoveries to clinical applications. A major objective of the SPORE is to develop new avenues of prostate cancer research through support of developmental research programs and to identify and cultivate young investigators seeking a career in prostate .

The team behind the Duke SPORE inin Cancer is a group of basic scientists and translational physician-scientists this Core allows SPORE investigators to .Investigators in the Upper Aerodigestive Cancer Program focus their attention on cancers most directly linked to The Johns Hopkins Head and Neck Cancer SPORE..One of only three SPORE Specialized Program of Research Excellence in the nation Washington University's leukeSPORE focuses on four key projects..Multiple Myeloma SPORE; Core Facilities; tissue samples at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. with SPORE investigators to plan animal stu.s and to .

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