Identifying Photograph Age

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Learning how to identify the time period and people in old family p.os is an art. Recognizing them, as well as the age they appear to be, can help you make . - You can still have options for determining the date or age of a p.ograph. Characteristics of the p.ograph itself provide clues to its age.. - Each one of your family p.ographs tells a story, and each one of your If you don 't have a strategy to follow, identifying old p.os can be a long, I have also looked for computer software that can "age" or reverse aging .

Location: If you can identify the location where a p.o was taken or the approximate location , you can often identify or make a reasonable guess as to .Identify the Type of P.ograph Not all old p.ographs are created alike. By identifying the type of p.ographic technique used to create your old family p.os, it is possible to narrow down the time period when the p.ograph was taken. If you have trouble identifying the type yourself, a local p.ographer may be able to help..If you can identify the make and model of the car in the picture, it will help you pinpoint the period for the p.o. The Antique Automobile Club of America has lots of p.os of old cars and helpful forums where you can post p.os and questions. Furniture styles can also help you date a p.ograph..We now live in a time where a vast many resources exist that can help us identify and date old p.ographs. Yes, it's difficult when there is not a name on the back of the p.o, but it is not impossible. The following are some steps to .

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