Identifying Photogaph Age

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Location: If you can identify the location where a p.o was taken or the approximate location , you can often identify or make a reasonable guess as to the family or person in the p.o. If you know your family or a particular ancestor lived in a certain place at a certain time and was a certain age when they lived there, . - For the family historian, few things are as precious as an old family p.o. These p.os can serve as a tangible link to the past. "Family p.os are powerful," said Maureen Taylor, in her presentation at the 2016 RootsTech conference. "Each one of your family p.ographs tells a story, and each one of your .We now live in a time where a vast many resources exist that can help us identify and date old p.ographs. Yes, it 's difficult when there is not a name on the back of the p.o, but it is not impossible. The following With that said, clothing is one resource for you in identifying the age of a portrait but it is not the only source..Maureen A. Taylor, p.o historian and author of Family P.o Detective, investigates readers ' mystery p.ographsfor freeusing clues such as clothing, hairstyles and props. Want to put her Identifying unknown people in a p.ograph is always tricky but add a very common surname to the mix, and it 's even hard..

Foxing Stains on Books, Papers, P.ographs: cause, cure, prevention What causes rusty stains or foxing marks on books and paper? How .

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