Identifying Pendelton Wool Blankets

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Rise Of Pendleton Native American Trade Blanket. Over the many generations since Native Americans began trade with Europeans, few items have become more closely identified with indigenous American cultures as has the American Indian trade blanket. An American Indian trade blanket is a commercially created . - The Pendleton Woolen Mill of Oregon opened in 1909, producing Indian blankets. In time, the blankets were used to make bathrobes and coats. By 1924 they started making the famous Pendleton man 's wool shirt and by 1929 they were producing a full line of menswear. In 1949 Pendleton began . - Made by Oregon-based Pendleton Woolen Mills, Beaver State is a line of Indian trade blankets that has been in production since 1912. Along with other varieties of Pendleton blankets, Beaver State blankets are highly collectible. Off., Pendleton Woolen Mills, Pendleton, Oregon . - I 've found good resources for Pendleton shirts and blankets but I can 't find anything to determine the age of Beaver State blankets. Any help would be "The Beaver State label refers to the long relationship between Native Americans and Pendleton Woolen Mills. Tribes living near the mill in Pendleton, .

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