Identifying Patients

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Throughout the healthcare industry, the failure to correctly identify patients continues to result in medication errors, transfusion errors, testing errors, wrong person procedures, and the discharge of infants to the wrong families..In November 2005, the National Patient Safetycy NPSA published a directive concerning iden.ycelets in hospitals, and set a deadline of May 2006 for trusts to comply. 1 It outlined that all inpatients should wear identificationcelets unless they do not consent, or there is good .Patient identification and the matching of a patient to an intended the failure to correctly identify patients and match that information to an intended .Provide clear protocols for identifying patients who lack identification and for distinguishing the iden-.y of patients with the same name. Non-verbal.

  • Identifying Treatment Failure In Patients With Chronic

    Clinicians worldwide could consider this study's findings when determining whether patients who have not reached an MMR at 2.5 years have failed TKI treatment..

  • Identifying Information Resources For Patients In The

    OBJECTIVE To identify educational content for patients in the intensive care unit and their families across 4 different hospitals, develop a general content database, and organize the general content into a framework for education of patients and their families..

  • Effect On The Duration Of Mechanical Ventilation Of

    Prompt recognition of the reversal of respiratory failure may permit earlier discontinuation of mechanical ventilation, without harm to the patient. We conducted a randomized, controlled trial in 300 patients receiving mechanical ventilation in medical and coronary intensive care units. In the .

  • Coping With Rosacea Rosacea Org

    Introduction Rosacea .ounced rose-AY-shah is an acne-like skin disorder affecting a growing number ofs. It generally first appears when people are in their 30s, 40s or 50s as a redness on the cheeks, nose, .

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