Identifying Packard Bell Motherboard

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Information on how to Indentify Packard Bell Motherboards..Seven methods to determine your motherboard. 1 Use your systems credential program instaled by Packard Bell. Click here to see where this program is located. This is a graet program that will tell you all kinds of facts on what your system had on it when it left the factory, however if you upgrade this program will not be . - Look for the FCC label on your Packard Bell. This label is usually on the bottom of the case. An example of this label is to the right. Look for the FCC ID number on this label, it should contain letters and numbers. This number is outlined in yellow in the example to the right. For example if your number reads . - Help identifying this old Packard Bell Desktop Computer! Tom_, 2017, 1:32 PM. Here 's a link to a Google Drive folder containing pictures of the case and motherboard. It 's from the late 90 's, and has a Pentium III processor. Basi.y I found .

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