Identifying Oyster Mushrooms

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Mushrooms that may look similar so without a mature specimen of a reasonable size ID can be tricky. White Oyster Mushrooms are a choice edible..Tips for mushroom hunters - Rule #1 - Learn BC Poisonous Mushrooms before you eat any wild fungi!.Edible Gourmet Mushroom growing kits; Morel Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Oyster Mushroom. Dried Mushrooms, Plug S., Books, Posters.Oysters: Pleurotoid Mushrooms [ Basidiomycetes. . . by Michael Kuo. Mushrooms with a "pleurotoid" habit grow on wood, have gills, and typi.y form semicircular or kidney-shaped caps that are either directly attached to the wood or are attached by means of a rudimentary, lateral stem..

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