Identifying Organs In The Body Cavity

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PLAY. Cranial cavity. Thein. Verte.l c./spinal cavity. Spinal cord. Thoracic cavity. Lungs, heart, esphagus, trachea, thymus. Abdominal cavity. Pelvic cavity. Mediastinum-lungs aren 't inside of it. Pleural cavity- rt and left. Pericardial cavity..Abdominal cavity: Contains the stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, small intestines, and most of the large intestine. Pelvic cavity: Contains the end of the large intestine,, urinary bladder, and internal reproductive organs..

ORGAN SYSTEMS AND BODY CAVITIES TABLE 2.1 Functions and Major Organs of the Organ Systems ORGAN SYSTEM FUNCTION Cardiovascular Transports nutrients .The pleurae refer to the serous mem.nes that line the lungs and thoracic cavity. They permit efficient and effortless respiration. This article will outline the .Ab.pelvic cavity. anterior vena cava arytenoid cartilages. ascending colon. auditory. bronchus: primary, secondary, tertiary plur., bronchii .On arrival, the Dead Body will be p.ographed and recorded by the Morgue Supervisor, which should include all particulars of Identification, Cir.stances, Time and .

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