Identifying Old Wood Finishes

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The furniture piece could be relatively new or very old. To identify the type of clear film finish on a piece of furniture, you test it with solvents. See the chart . - When you want to revive dull wood, you need to first identify what finish is already on the piece; mixing up finishes can be disastrous . The most common types of treatments are oil,, lacquer, varnish and polyurethane. Polyurethane,, Varnish and Lacquer . - How to identify wood finish can be a tricky part of any do-it-yourself In order to properly refinish wood you have to remove the old finish, and .

The Lowdown: These are more or less pure oils, and they are extremely simple to apply: you just rub them in, wait a few minutes or hours to allow the oil to penetrate the wood, and then wipe off the excess..Essay on early wood finishes from 1600 thru 1950. Finishes and formulas included are Wax,, Varnishes and Lacquers..Identifying "Diamond Willow" Woodweb members recognize the unique shape of "diamond willow." Here's a p.o. A Wood Identification for the old wood listing page? It's still available here though the latest updates and newest wood profiles will only be added to this current page ..

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