Identifying Old Steel Guitar

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.o- I was hoping someone might be able to aid in identifying this lap steel. The previous 60yr old owner sold it to me and it belonged to his .A friend had this old Sho-Bud given to him. It is a double 10.It wasped of most parts and we are doing restoration to use it as a table steel. I haven 't seen any pictures of a Sho-Bud quite like this Madison model. The painted on trim is different, and the inside work almost looks like a prototype.. - I want to the know the model name and year of manufacture of a National lap steel guitar and its approximate value in today 's market in very good condition . The registration card with it was addressed to National Guitar Dobro, 400 So. Peoria St., Chicago, Il. There is no ZIP so it must be pre 1963. I would . - .o, I have an antique acoustic lap guitar, Weissenborn style, but have no idea where it 's from or who made it. It seems to be pretty old, and has a resonating plate in the sound hole I cannot remove. It is equipped with old style tuning pegs, the sort of stuff you see on Zithers and Pianos. Please help!.

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