Identifying Old Shotguns

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Even then, the identification is often more art than science, and value estimates may be speculative. Here are some of the types of guns this applies to: ANTIQUE FLINT PERCUSSION GUNS - "BLACKPOWDER," "MUZZLE-LOADERS," etc. Original handmade flintlock percussion "cap ball" firearms. These are original .PROOF MARKS- Comparing the proof marks on your gun to this chart may help you determine where and when your gun was made, including guns where no other markings are evident. Applies primarily to guns made outside the U.S Proof Marks from The Blue Book. Information courtesy of The Blue Book of Gun Values ..o all, i have an old 12GA.s.gun i am told was made by Ivers Johnson in the 1800 's but after reading some of your posts i now have doubts. If not, your Newport Model VN was made by the Crescent Firearms Co. of Norwich, CT. Crescent was the largest maker of Hardware Store, Gun .

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