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Yes, as the sole member of a LLC S-Corp, you are the "Tax Matters Person". The identifying number of the Tax Matters Person TMP is the . - I am the TMP and all partners suppose to file 1065 or just the TMP file 1065? Recently opened a LLC with 3 partners and didn 't start any business and decided to close the LLc. I am the TMP and in 1065 it 's asking Identifying number of the TMP. Now each partner have to file 1065 and was wondering if I .The designated TMP must be a general partner, and in most cases, also must be a U.S. citizen. For a limited liability company LLC , only a Schedule B - Other Information; Additional Other Information; Tax Matters Partner Name/ Tax Matters Partner Address / Tax Matters Partner Phone Number. Last Updated: 3/16/2017 .

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