Identifying Nippon Noritake

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Noritake Collectors Guild - the Worlds largest Free Backmarks Knowledge Li.ry for reference material to Noritake, Nippon TKaisha, Royal Crockery RC Backstamps from ..Identifying Fake/Forged Nippon Marks and Items File Size: 1,367,501 bytes or 1.36 MB in size. Disclaimer This website and this page may contain links to several other website 's and or organisations. We are not responsible for the content, accuracy or opinions expressed in such website 's or by such organisations and such .Through our 'Knowledge Sharing Culture ', the NCG provides you with free access to a network of information about Noritake backmarks, patterns, porcelain production, care and management and an overview to the history behind Nippon TKaisha Limited, present day Noritake Co. Japan . The Noritake Collectors .History Marks of Noritake China founded by the Morimura brothers and examples of Noritake porcelain marks and the use of the Nippon mark..

Backstamps and identifying marks for Japanese collectibles. Identifying Marks. Notice: Click image for information regarding identification mark.. Recently found this article pretty helpful in identifying marks on a couple of footed Nippon bowls. Very informative, nice work..Noritake, also known as Morimura Bros., is a Japanese manufacturer of bone china and tableware. In 1904, the Morimura family established Nippon TKaisha Ltd. in .Includes: history of noritake china, identifying the china, famous designs, research the company, and treasured ceramic art and dinnerware..

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