Identifying Musical Ially Gifted Children

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Flow Chart for Identification of Gifted Children in Music . This Gifted and Talented Resource Guide: Music Identification Handbook was created toist ally. F req u en tly. A lw ay s. 1. Shows a sustained interest in music - seeks out..Child in music by consideration of the means of a identifying the gifted child in music, and ally talented when they were able to name many pieces played on..Ternatives for identifying gifted/LD students. others * Specific ap.ude artistic, musical, or mechanical ally gifted student population, reviewing test pro-..The likelihood that they will be widely read or able to play a musical instru- ment ally, not all gifted children and young people experience such difficulties - a..

Personally, after years of identifying and developing musi.y gifted students of all ages, I now find it relatively simple to recognise those special characteristics which indicate gifted potential in music..Standardized music ap.ude and achievement tests are reviewed, and the importance of early identification of musi.y talented children is stressed. An identification matrix is presented along with information on availability of 15 tests. CL .What is an artisti.y gifted child? Artists, parents and educators often disagree on the characteristics of such children. Artistic talent does not normally reveal itself as early as musical talent, and there are still no reliable tests for identifying the artisti.y gifted..Because no two gifted children are alike is important to collect information on both the child's performance and potential through a combination of objective quanitifiably measured and subjective personally observed identification instruments in order to identify gifted and talented students..

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