Identifying Mulberries

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White mulberry Morus alba Shape: A slender, medium-sized, upright tree with an open crown. Bark is dull grey-brown, with fissures. Leaves are large, and often have deep lobes, frequently three lobes a bit like a fleur-de-lys. Buds are small, alternate and conical. Flowers are small green spikes..

How to Find Wild Edible Plants. Please double check all of these plants using other websites before consumption. Wild edible plants are everywhere you turn. Not only it is free food, but eating wild plants is a huge stride toward . Foraged foo.: finding, identifying, and eating edible weed Portulaca oleracea purslane . #foraging #eattheweeds. Little bugs on raspberries, need help identifying I have several raspberry bushes, some summer and some everbearing. The black/summer raspberries are in, and I am starting to pick every other day now..A Sampling of Native Edible Plants of the Central Florida Region by Eileen Szuchy, Florida Native Plant Society and Douglas H. Kutz, University of Florida's Brevard County Extension Service.

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